Pam's Schedule: I am currently booked through 2015 and have limited openings in 2016.  I do not travel during the months of April, May & December.

To make the most of our time together, you must book at least one lecture and one workshop, or two workshops.

I usually add one or two new workshops each year, and because I often book so far in advance, you have the option of choosing your date(s), and freezing my lecture/workshop fees in a contract, with your choice of lecture/workshops TBD.  Once it gets closer to my visit, you can then choose what you'd like from the most current selections. 

Secrets of Professional Quilters ~ Revealed!

You know... hearing the story of how I got started in this business would be nice, but wouldn't you rather learn something? I have a lot of really useful information that I think you would appreciate much more!! This Power Point presentation is packed full of very useful information that will teach you to use alternative piecing methods for making units, as well as tips and hints relating to every aspect of quilting. I also share secrets I've gathered over years of trial & error, taking classes, and learning from what fellow designers and national teachers have shared with me.

The lesson begins with learning the "Make it larger - Trim it down" techniques.  I demonstrate step-by-step techniques for making units (such as Half Square Triangles, Quarter Square Triangles, Square-in-a-Square units, and Flying Geese) larger than they need to be so they can be trimmed down to be squared and the correct size.  These perfectly squared units go on to be perfectly squared blocks, then squared quilts that lay flat and go together easily!! Many, many designers and award winning quilters use these techniques and you can too!

There are also plenty of tips on a variety of subjects such as general pressing tips, pressing Four Patches and Pinwheels to lay perfectly
flat, and how to correctly sew Connector Corners, accurate 1/4 inch seams, alternate sewing methods for the Corner Square Triangle units, how to hide flaws and errors, and so much more!

After watching the Power Point presentation, I bring along
more than 40 quilts to view up close and personal, all made with the techniques shown in the presentation.

Don't worry about taking notes during the lecture!  All of the hints, tips, tricks, secrets, and how-to's featured in my lecture (and so much more) are contained in the 60+ page Heartspun Quilts Hint's Book!  The book is available for sale for $15. You won't have to rely on your memory and can take it home to use on a daily basis!!

Lecture Fee: $450
Approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours

*Partner with the Practice What I Preach workshop

Making-Do ~ Honoring our American Quilting Heritage

There’s an old saying…. “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without
That phrase was a way of life from the moment the pilgrims landed in America through the nineteenth century and into the twentieth century. We remember our parents and grandparents being frugal with things in their life having lived thru the Great Depression, but never was it more true than for those living in America in the 1800’s. 
Making-do affected every aspect of American life for the colonists and pioneers in the nineteenth century. Being that it was a way of life for them, it’s no surprise they “made-do” when piecing their quilts. As testament to this, you’ll find their lovely antique Make-do quilts in  private collections and museums, too!
I love to read American history about what life was like during this time period, and my research inspired my quilting club called the Prairie Women’s Sewing Circle. The club focuses on anecdotal stories about what life was like in 1800’s America, and the quilt projects include “Lessons in Making-Do”. Many of the projects have been inspired by my collection of antique Make-Do quilts. People are surprised to learn that most antique quilts have at least some “Make-do” elements in them, therefore, “making-do” is very much a part of our quilting heritage! 
I had the honor and privilege of writing an article about Make-do quilts for American Patchwork & Quilting magazine called The Quilting Tradition of Making-do (June 2011 issue) and they have featured several of my other antique Make-do quilts in other issues as well! 
You’ll learn how to spot a "Make-do" quilt, tell the difference between a Make-do and a scrappy quilt, and see the wonderful antique Make-do quilts from my collection.   For those who enjoy making Civil War Reproduction quilts, this lecture will teach you how to add authentic “Make-Do” elements into your quilts!

Lecture Fee: $450)
Approximately 1 to 1 1/2hours

*Partner with the Sugar Mountain "Make-Do" workshop


Practice What I Preach ~ My Most Popular Workshop!

This is a hands-on lesson of the techniques covered in my lecture Secrets of Professional Quilters ~ Revealed!. The skills taught in this class will be used each and every time you quilt!! Here's an opportunity for each student to try many new techniques including the "Make It Larger ~ Trim It Down" technique for Half and Quarter Square Triangles, Flying Geese, and Square in a square units.  We'll also cover alternate piecing techniques for the ever popular Corner Square Triangle units.  Students then practice what I demonstrate using my tools and notions to see how they like the technique.    

We go over a variety of pressing techniques as well.  I can help a quilter struggling with accuracy by working with them to improve the accuracy of their 1/4 inch seam by watching the student and/or have them watch me, and offer several helpful options. We will cover how best to handle Connector Corners for perfect results, how to hide flaws and imperfections in the seam allowance, and so much more!  If any student would like help with general quilting problems such as those described here, this is an opportunity for one-on-one assistance! 

There are 2 flexible options for students who attend this workshop: 

Option 1 ~ (Full Cutting Instructions) Participants prepare and cut the fabrics to make the Practice What I Preach quilt.  They are making the units for the quilt during the workshop.

Option 2 ~ (Short Cut Instructions) For workshop participants who aren't interested in making the Practice What I Preach quilt, are too busy to cut all of the quilt fabrics ahead of time, or would rather learn the skills taught using scraps, a Short Cut List of cutting instructions is available.  They will learn all of the same techinques but will only cut enough fabric to make one of each unit.  This is a very popular option!

The Heartspun Quilts book of Quilting Hints, Tips, Secrets and How-To's is required for each participant.  It also contains the Practice What I Preach quilt pattern.  Book cost is $15 and will be available the day of class.  (It is not needed prior to class.)

Class Size: max 20 
6 hours
Fee: $650.00

Spinning Wheel: The look of Traditional Needle~Turn Applique by Machine 

Do you love the look of traditional needle-turn applique but think that applique is a four-letter word? Then this is the class for you! You will learn to prepare appliqués using freezer paper and spray starch, and then remove the freezer paper before sewing it to the background fabric!! The appliqués can then be sewn to the background by hand or by machine. The machine stitch is lovely and unobtrusive. Your appliqués remain soft and pliable, just like the traditional Needle-turn method.

 The traditional Reel block is perfect for learning this technique as it offers some of the most basic beginning applique shapes, which all come together in a striking wall quilt.  You'll get all my tips and tricks along with a wonderful handout that will help you whenever you use this technique.  Seeing is believing!!

Class Size: max 20
6 hours
Fee $650.00

  Spinning Wheel pattern required $9  (available the day of class)

Sugar Mountain "Make-Do" Workshop

What's a "Make-Do" block? Found in lots of charming antique quilts, "Make-Do" blocks are seen when our quilting ancestors set out to make a quilt with a color theme in mind, and for a variety of reasons, ran short of their chosen fabrics (likely because fabric were so scarce) and were forced to "make-do". To finish the quilt, they "Made-Do" with what they had to work with, thus creating quilts that have old world charm.  You can "Make-do" a little or a lot, depending on your taste. Exchanging a few fabrics with class mates is encouraged to replicate what these women did in making their quilts, adding to the authenticity and charm. I bring several examples of antique Make-Do quilts with me for inspiration. This is a very fun and informative class that stretches you a bit out of your comfort zone while teaching you how to make more authentic Civil War Reproduction quilts.

Class size: max 20
4 hours
Fee $550
Sugar Mountain pattern included. 

Lucy's Prairie Pocket Workshop

17th, 18th and 19th century American women wore
fabric pockets.  They were worn separately, on top of her petticoats, and under her skirt or dress.  The women made and used these pockets because their clothes contained no sewn-in pockets as we know them today.  The pockets were flat, and somewhat U-shaped, that tied around her waist.  A slit in the side of her outer skirt allowed the women discreet access to the pocket and its belongings, which lay underneath.  Women wore these pockets singly, and in pairs, which helped to accentuate her hips, being the style at the time. 

Pockets were made from every fabric imaginable.  Some were embellished with beautiful crewel and embroidery work, some with patchwork and scraps, and others of plain cloth.  Women kept all kind of needful things in their pockets such as letters, books, glasses, etc., and of course, thimbles, needles, thread, and patchwork.  At night, they often hung from the bedpost to hold a watch, andkerchief or glasses. 

 Pockets were very much a part of housewifery in early America, and today, we can enjoy making a pocket for our own needful things, to wear as we work, or just to decorate a room.  This is a very fun workshop!  Choose 4 of your favorite coordinating fabrics to create a non-pieced Pocket of your own, to wear while you're sewing, or to decorate a room with an authentic, vintage piece of Early Americana!

Class Size: Max 20
4 hours
Fee: $550
Lucy's Prairie Pocket pattern required $9 (available the day of class)

Workshop Sampler ~ Mix 'N Match Technique Classes!

Choose from 6 of my most popular classes!  Each class is from 2 to 4 hours long.  Mix and match the classes you want!  Choose a minimum of 2 classes or up to 4 classes per day.  

~Lumpless Binding ~ 2 hours

If you’ve never tried this technique or have difficulty remembering how to do it, this class is for you! Make a small quilt from two Fat Quarters and prepare the binding for your little practice quilt. We will then go thru all of the steps to attach your binding while learning the “Lumpless Binding” technique. You’ll have the quilt as a reminder of the technique and class handouts for future reference!  John Travolta figures prominently in the class! 

~Creating Fast & Easy Quilt Labels with & without your home Computer ~ 2 hours
Attaching a label to your quilt is very important, but most of the time we never get around to it!  Once I developed this easy technique, my quilts have their labels sewn to my backing before they go to the quilter!  It's easy and fun and anyone can do it!  Best of all, you can custom match the fabrics you used with those on the front of your quilt, add clip art, and other fun artistic touches!  My labels have been featured in American Patchwork & Quilting magazine!  

I'll talk about how to prepare your fabrics and print labels on your home computer (computers are not required for class) and then we'll make a fabric frame to give your label a wonderful finish.  This finishing technique is also wonderful for those of you who'd rather create your label without using a computer!

To help you remember the technique, step by step instructions are written in the Heartspun Quilts book of Quilting Hints, Tips. Secrets & How-To's (required for class ~ $15).

~ Mastering an Accurate 1/4 inch seam allowance workshop ~ 2 hours

For some quilters, an accurate 1/4 inch seam is elusive and frustrating!  If your blocks don't turn out as you'd like them to, if you shy away from small units and blocks, struggle with your blocks when assembling your quilt, this workshop is for you.  All of those problems can be symptoms of inaccurate 1/4 inch seams!  Don't give up!  There are things that we can do to help you!!  This hands on, one-on-one workshop is a cure for what ails you! 

Star Strings Pin Cushion ~ Foundation Paper Piecing ~ 4 hours

Piecing on a foundation is as old as quilting itself.  Learn how to paper piece a wonderful Star Strings Pin Cushion as you learn the fundamentals of foundation paper piecing.  I have helpful hints, tips and tricks to guide you along the way!  Knowing how to paper piece will give you a skill that will open up new opportunities in your quilting adventures as wonderful, glorious blocks can be mastered by paper piecing!  Give it a try!

Star Strings Pin Cushion pattern required ~ $9.00 available the day of class.

~ Making Yo-yos ~ 2 hours

Yo-yos are a fun and wonderful way to use up scraps!  They are very portable and adorable.  While some people have no problem making a Yo-yo, others struggle.  You'll learn helpful tips to make a Yo-yo by hand or using the Clover Yo-yo maker.  Once we have some Yo-yos made, we'll learn how to sew them together to make a decorative pillow!
Pillow pattern is included

~ Friendship Blooms Wall Hanging - English Paper Piecing ~ 4 hours

The Hexagon is the oldest quilt "block" and is enjoying a huge surge in popularity.  There are several techinques for sewing hexagons, but not all are the same!  Learning the "tricks of the trade" will make this wonderful block an enjoyable experience.  We'll construct two simple 7 hexagon flower blooms, covering the fundamentals of English paper piecing, the basics of working with wool,  and the finishing techniques for this folky 12" x 17" wall hanging.

Paper hexagon pieces for the flowers are included in the class fee.
Friendship Blooms pattern required ~ $9.00 available the day of class.

Class size: Max 20
Choose a minimum of 2 classes, 3 classes, and a maximum of 4 classes.
Class fee for each 2 hour class $350.00
Class fee for each 4 hour class is $550.00