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Prairie Women's Sewing Circle Pattern Sales

Dear Prairie Women's Sewing Circle Shop Owners,

I have received a few emails recently asking for verification of the "rules" of selling the pattern sets for Journey One & Two and thought perhaps a review would be appropriate.

Fundamentally, you can sell the pattern sets anytime and anywhere - so long as they are sold as a complete set.  Do not pull the individual pattern sets apart for any reason!!

The club was created specifically with the quilt shop in mind to drive business into your store on a monthly basis, and therefore, ideally, the patterns are sold only to club members who come to your shop on a monthly basis.  If you chose not to sell the patterns to anyone whom does not attend monthly meeting, that's just fine. 

However, many of the PWSC shops have chosen to sell the pattern sets outside of the club itself and it has been very, very lucrative!  For instance, you may decide to sell the club pattern sets after, say, month four of the club, because you feel you won't grow your enrollment for that Journey anymore. 

I highly recommend selling the pattern sets outside of the club once Journey One is complete and you have all of the shop models there to help sell the patterns!  You may as well make more money from your investment in those models! 

Also, I've seen major pattern sales for shops that do shows - taking the shop models to the show with them to sell the patterns there.  So many quilters haven't heard of the club or don't have access to it from a nearby shop.  Taking the club to shows has also helped to drive club enrollment at the shop for Journey Two.

Naturally, membership by mail is also a great idea.

To recap, so long as you sell the entire pattern set, you can sell the patterns anytime you would like, keeping in mind that selling them in your shop may too early may underride enrollment which would bring customers to your store every month.  The decision is yours.  But why not have those shop club models work for you selling more patterns?

I hope this helps clear up any questions!  I am presently working on Journey Three which I think, at this point, will be ready by Oct 1st.  There are several exciting changes in the works that I hope will keep the club new and fresh as well as sell more fabric in your store.  If your shop will experience a lull inbetween Journey Two and Three, may I suggest offering a PWSC Sewing Gathering.  Offer your members the chance to come and sew at the shop, and bring in club projects they would like to work on.  This will give them an opportunity to catch up on their sewing while still bringing them into the shop monthly so as not to loose the momentum you've built. 

I will email you again as soon as Journey Three is available.  Until then, I thank you for your continued support of the Prairie Women's Sewing Circle club!! 

Warm Regards,

Pam Buda