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Journey Three is coming in October!

Hello Prairie Women's Sewing Circle Shop Owners!

All summer, I have been working on the quilt projects and stories for the new installment of the club ~ Journey Three!  At this time, I fully expect it will be available mid to late October. 

Journey Three will bring some exciting changes.  While the core values of the club will remain, i.e., small do-able, affordable projects, make-do's, and anecdotal stories, I felt very strongly that I needed to change a few things to keep our Prairie Women interested in continuing the journey with us.

New to Journey Three will be the introduction of hexigons which are taking the place of Yo-yos.  I've been working on Hexigons since January, not realizing the stirring of their popularity among other quilting designers, until I started talking with them at Spring Market.   The magazine editors also concur that Hexigons are building in popularity.  Very exiciting stuff.  As always, I will be providing you with loads of information and resources, ideas and a bonus pattern, with add on sales for the Hexigons as well. 

Another change coming to Journey Three is the addition of an alternate size for nearly every quilt project.  In response to the shop owner survey I sent out many months ago, I heard from many of you that your Prairie Women would like larger sized blocks for the projects.  When I queried my own PWSC class, they were split.  Many like the smaller blocks, and many wanted larger.  So, there will be a page of yardage and cutting instructions to make the quilt a bit larger for those whom wish to do so.  I felt that this will make the projects do-able for everyone, and hopefully, sell more fabric!  It was all about options!

I will send out another email when Jourmey Three is ready to ship. 

Also, I will be out-of-town from Sept 1st thru Sept 7th.  If you need any patterns, please let me know right away as my last ship date will be August 31st.

Thank you for your continued support of the Prairie Women's Sewing Circle club!

Pam Buda