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Lucy's Prairie Pockets Pattern ~ NEW from Heartspun Quilts!

Lucy's Prairie Pockets
is the third new pattern release from Heartspun Quilts
for Spring Quilt Market!

 Not sure what a Prairie Pocket is?  Here's a bit of fun early American history...

Lucy Locket lost her pocket,
Kitty Fisher found it,
Not a penny was there in it,
Only ribbon round it!

 This nursery rhyme, published in England in 1842, tells of poor Lucy losing her pocket, which was very likely a  fabric pocket worn separately, on top of her petticoats, and worn under her skirt or dress.  17th, 18th and 19th century American women made and used these pockets as well, as their clothes contained no sewn-in pockets as we know them today.  The pockets were flat, and somewhat U-shaped, that tied around her waist.  A slit in the side of her outer skirt allowed the women discreet access to the pocket and its belongings, which lay underneath.  Women wore these pockets singly, and in pairs, which helped to accentuate her hips, being the style at the time.