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Prairie Women's Sewing Circle Club

The art of quilting is rich in history. There are women, in untold numbers, who blazed the trail before us, leaving us with quilts and remnants of both fabrics and stories of how they lived, and what quilts meant to them. While the techniques of quilting for today’s quilter can be very different from those of yesteryear, why we quilt and what quilting means to us is very much the same.

We make quilts for basic warmth on the bed in which we sleep, for family and friends, to mark special occasions, perhaps to raise money for a cause dear to our hearts, or for the pure joy of it. Like our quilting ancestors, we also come together, as women in kindred spirit, to sew and share, and tell of our lives giving support to one another.

You are invited to join a unique monthly club that will take you on a journey back in time. Gather together as the "Prairie Women" did, and hear anecdotal stories about their quilt making, and what daily life was like for those who traveled by wagon train on the Oregon Trail, to the lives of quilter’s during the Civil War, and the years of women’s suffrage for equal rights. Not only will you learn how our quilting ancestors created quilts by “Making-Do” with what they had, you will be invited to do so yourself!!!

At each monthly gathering of the Prairie Women’s Sewing Circle, you will receive a small reproduction quilt project pattern that will allow you the option to share in the unique “Make-Do” quilting experience with fellow club members. Monthly patterns and other surprises will be offered exclusively to PWSC club members only!

The Prairie Women’s Sewing Circle club is offered exclusively through participating quilt shops.
Ask about the club at your favorite store, or email me at ,and I will try to find a participating shop in your state, or direct you to one offering membership through the mail.

If you love quilt history, and want to learn more about what life was like in the nineteenth century and about “Make-do” quilts, join us in experiencing the Prairie Women’s Sewing Circle and …

...Journey the threads of time!
Quilt Shop owners interested in the club Click Here

Journey Two Front Cover
Journey Two ~ Front Cover Journey Two ~ Back Cover
Journey Three - Front Cover Journey Three - Back Cover
Journey Four - Front Cover
Journey Four - Back Cover

Journey Four Bonus Project
The Gathering Tote Bag - Outside View
Journey Four Bonus Project
The Gathering Tote Bag - Inside View
Journey Five Front Cover Journey Five Back Cover