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Liberty's Crown Quilt ~ Pattern Download

My Liberty's Crown quilt was inspired by a recent trip to NYC to visit the home office of Marcus Fabrics.  Marcus decided to ask all of the designers to create a project inspired by their trip.  My inspiration came from the Statue of Liberty, my favorite New York City landmark.  The stars points in the quilt replicate the star points in Lady Liberty's crown.  In fact, I colored seven of her star points in verdigris green.  Those seven points in her crown stand for the seven continents and the seven seas.  You obviously don't have to make seven green points!  Dive into your stash and pull a glorious assortment of colors and prints!

I chose to use Marcus Fabrics Tea Dyed Aged Muslin for the background of my quilt.  This is a very special high quality muslin where each and every yard is hand-dyed, giving it a very special patina unlike no other.  The fabric gives a warm aged look without being overwhelming. 

This quilt can be hand pieced or you can use English Paper Piecing papers.  The pattern contains the shapes you can trace onto template plastic.  You can order the EPP papers, or I have created a set of wonderful windowpane acrylic templates for hand piecing.  These templates trace not only the cutting line, but also the 1/4 inch seam line, so you know right where to sew! 

When hand piecing my quilt, I also used Seam Align Glue which was soooo helpful in keeping all my pieces in perfect alignment.  I explain all about this great notion in the pattern.  I use it all the time with whatever I am piecing...not just this project.

1/2 yard of Tea Dyed Aged Muslin is all you need to make this quilt using either EPP papers or by hand piecing.  It is a fabric I always have in stock on my website as quilters have really come to love it.

Click here to buy the Aged Muslin and the Notions.