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Mrs. Miller's Apprentice

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Mrs. Miller's Apprentice features a beautiful collection of blues in classic Indigo, Soldier blue, midnight blue, navy, medium and soft tones of blue - everything you want in a blue collection.  Tonal prints compliment shirting and paisley styles with several floral prints you will love!  Add a mix of gorgeous light prints from tonals in beige to nearly white with some blue on light backgrounds - Mrs. Miller's Apprentice is sure to be a wonderful addition to your stash or perfect for a special quilt project.

Sold in 1/2 yard increments.  Shop freely as you will not pay more than $8.95 for shipping within the US.

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Ellie's Apron - 8326 - in blue and medium light

$5.25 $6.00

Essie's Bonnet - 8329- in blue


Farmhouse Weathervane -8327 - in blue, blue and light

$5.25 $6.00

Mama's Night Dress -8332 - in light


Window Box Flowers - 8324 - in blue and light

$5.25 $6.00

Papa's Paisley - 8325 - in light

$5.25 $6.00

Will's Dress Shirt - 8333 - in blue and light

$5.25 $6.00