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Hands To Work Pattern

After the passing of her dear grandmother, our Farmer's Daughter took fabric from her grandmother's scrap basket to make a remembrance quilt.  Still grieving while making the quilt, she used a pretty mourning print to offset the lights, reds, pinks, blues and light gray calico scraps used in the blocks.  These classic prints were staples for so many garments and household goods, and are sure to be your favorites, too!  It was common for people to show their grief over the loss of a loved one by wearing black or gray prints for one year.  Mourning prints were very popular for use in clothing, and the Mourning print I chose is an authentic print from the early nineteeth century.  I love it's tiny berry design, and worked well for this quilt because it's non-directional.

Hands To Work is a quilt I replicated from a beautiful antique quilt.  In all the years I have been collecting photos of antique quilts, and visiting museums, this is the only antique quilt I've ever seen with a Mourning print as the main ground color, making it very special to me!  I adore how it makes the other colors just pop!  The star block, called the Tea Leaf star, is also unique.  Traditionally pieced with cut diamonds and set in Y seams, I redrafted the block so there are no diamonds to cut, and certainly no Y seams to sew! 

Click here to see all of the Farmer's Daughter prints used in making this quilt.  Quilt size is approx 77 x 90.

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