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Tussy Mussy


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Tussy Mussy is another name for a floral Nosegay bouquet.  In the 1800’s, women often received a Tussy Mussy from their suitors.  Each flower in the bouquet had meaning and the women referred to a book, called The Tussy Dictionary, to decipher the floral message her suitor was conveying!  I thought it was a fun name for this quilt featuring a Nosegay block. 

The Nosegay block is a traditional and not often seen block, largely because of the difficulty in piecing it, with all of the dreaded "Y" seams and templates. more!  My pattern gives two options for piecing this wonderful block with today's modern piecing techniques.  

Choose an assortment of Fat Eighths and Fat Quarters,  and a bit of yardage for the border, and get started making your own Tussy Mussy! 

Quilt size: 32 3/4 x 40 1/2 inches. 

Please note that all pattern sales are final.

If you are ordering outside of the US, please email me and I will send you a PayPal invoice for the pattern and appropriate postage.