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Union Blues


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Union Blues is a lesson in "Making - Do". What is "Making - Do" you say? Well, we find these charming blocks in antique quilts when the quilt maker set out to make her quilt in a particular color palette but because fabric was so scarce she ran short of fabric and had to "make-do" in order to complete her quilt. My quilt uses a blue and brown color palette, and I created make-do blocks with some unlikely paring of fabrics in some of the blocks. While you certainly don't have to create "make-do" blocks for your quilt, it is fun and can be a bit of a stretch out of your comfort zone. Students in my class have loved the idea and the results and I think you will too! Union Blues was named for my love of Civil War history and features blocks from that era, the Churn Dash and Shoo Fly.

Quilt measures approximately 82" x 82".

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