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Perfect Scissors 7.5 inch


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These are, quite frankly, the best scissors I've ever owned.  That's really saying something because I've tried a lot of scissors!  Why are they the best, you ask?  Good question! 

They are light weight, so they don't tire your hands working with them.

They have teeny, tiny serrated blades that put tiny pinked edges on your fabric.  So tiny, and unnoticeable, but oh so valuable.  Pinked edges deter fraying, and the serrated blades give you way more control over the shapes you are cutting!  This is very important when cutting straight lines, cutting appliques or hexagons....what ever!  The scissors stay on the mark and don't run away from you and I love that!

The handles are made for comfort.  They are oversized and don't rub anywhere, so they aren't painful to use.  Especially helpful if you have the bad "A" word.....arthritis!

The are 7.5 inches from end to end.  You'll love them!!

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