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Best Press ~ Unscented ~ 6 oz fine spray pump

Starching my fabric yardage is a big part of my success with piecing.  Because I starch my fabric before I cut it, I can then add more starch as I'm sewing units and blocks together.  Why bother?  It's all about superb control!  If you can better control your fabric, your piecing is way more accurate!

I love this particular bottle of Best Press.  The pump emits a fine spray.  I spray a bit just before I press every unit and block.  They turn out so nice and flat!  You will love the results!

Bottle is unscented, 6 oz, with the fine mist pump. 

Just a thought:  Because it's a bottle, I have to ship it in a small Flat rate box that costs just under $8 to ship.  That makes me sad because the starch is just $4.75!  Grrr...shipping!!  So, what I am suggesting is to wait to order the starch until you have more to buy from my website.  You'll never pay more than $8.95 for shipping no matter how much you buy, so combine the starch with something else you'd like to order.  I hope that makes sense....just trying to save you money on shipping.

(Note:  All sales are final.)

If ordering outside of the U.S. please email me and I will send you a PayPal invoice for the pattern and appropriate postage.